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Become a trader at Cerberus AM Ltd.

We’re funding traders (T&C apply) who want to leverage their trading skills and maximize their earning potential.
Start trading our fully funded trading account from 12.500 USD capital up to 7 figures.

Join our elite group of the most committed, conservative, disciplined traders, with a strong risk management approach, stronger than technical analysis.

Unleash the inner trader and choose one of our funded accounts. We offer you the opportunity to join our funded trader program so you can start your trading career as a professional trader the right way!

Our mission is to find the top 21 high-performance traders and start the world’s most professional online virtual trading floor. Do you have the right strategy, discipline and mindset to be our next associate?

Probably, The Best Funding Conditions

Stop having restrictions on your trading style. Stop waiting to be paid until reaching your profit target. Do you want to get the funding you deserve? CERBERUS has designed the Funded Account Program to simultaneously test multiple skills and attributes using the real-world environment of the market. The evaluation has been sophistically designed to work with any robust manual or algorithmic trading strategy. The strict and severe risk-management is purpose-built to promote and maintain capital preservation.

We will pay you monthly as long as you are in profit so you can trade, earn, and grow your trading account at a remarkable speed, unmatched by any of our competitors. And, if you want, you will be upgraded to the next funding level.

No Restrictions

Have more freedom and trade any trading strategy, trading style, any time of the day. We do not suggest, but we allow you to trade news, to hedge positions, to leave trades overnight. We even let you use your own EAs. But please, just respect our exposure limit, from 2.5% to 1.5%. If you don’t, you’ll be out.

50% Profit is YOURS

Being honesty and fairness part of our ethical approach, we reward your hard work and good performance with equanimity in mind. It's a win/win partnership.

Your Back-office for as little as a coffee

We have the lowest maintenance fee in the market, starting from 4 euro/day, like a Starbucks coffee, to support the back-office, Administration, IT people and your VPS (Yes, we are providing your VPS as well, in one of the best German server-farm).

Monthly Profit Payout

Get paid for all profit earned each end of the month. You will be paid 50% of the profit achieved and from your profit will be deducted the Monthly maintenance fee. You don’t have a minimum target if you don’t want to be upgraded.

No Risk

You never have to risk any of your own money. By demonstrating consistency and passing our evaluation step, we will trust you with a funded account. You will never be liable for any losses. Of course, we will put some a stop-out in order to avoid blowing our account, but we think it is reasonable.

Funding Mentorship

We offer 2 hours 1-2-1 coaching sessions to improve trading performance for free. Additional sessions or Cerberus school with payments. We will teach you exactly how to trade and manage your risk effectively so you can succeed in our funding.

How to be upgraded?

1) When you achieve 10% profit for three consecutive times, you will be upgraded and your account will be doubled (if you want to be upgraded, of course. but why not?)

2) If you don't want to wait for months before having a bigger capital, you can adhere to the fast track program. With this program you compensate a part of our loss of earnings and you can start immediately from a higher level.

Grow your account

Get your initial account after passing the evaluation level, and then we will continue to double your account until you reach $4m. We are the only one who are funding traders up to $4m and we offer the most rewarding funded trader program in the world. T&C apply.

Real Funding

Our competitors offer demo accounts, we offer live accounts from day one. We believe that the best way to challenge your trader psychology & evaluate your performance is to trade with real money from the start. Apply & get funded.

Easy Target

We really want you to succeed, so we have set a low target of 5% within 2 months to be upgraded to the operative levels. This is the only challenge you must complete before qualifying for a funded account. Most of our traders take an average of 2 to 4 weeks to hit the target and qualify.

Level Name Intial Balance Stopout Payments
1 time setup fee
LV0 Evaluation $ 10'000 $ 250 1 time setup fee € 500,00
incl. 2 months adm. fees
Level Name Intial Balance Stopout Payments
monthly administration fees
LV1 Trainee Trader $ 12'500 $ 250 € 150
LV2 Junior Trader $ 25'000 $ 500 € 200
LV3 Professional Trader $ 50'000 $ 1'000 € 400
LV4 Junior Portfolio Manager $ 100'000 $ 2'000 € 800
LV5 Portfolio Manager $ 200'000   confidential
LV6 Senior Portfolio Manager $ 350'000    
LV7 Asset Manager $ 500'000    

Millionaire Trader Club

MTC1 Millionaire Trader 1 M $ 1'000'000 Tailor-based conditions
MTC2 Millionaire Trader 2 M $ 2'000'000    
MTC3 Millionaire Trader 3 M $ 3'000'000    
MTC4 Millionaire Trader 4 M $ 4'000'000