We fund all of our best graduates and let them day trade our money. So why do we do this? If trading is risky, why would we risk letting you day trade our money when you could potentially lose it all? 
There are 2 major ways that we help you reduce that risk: 
First, we assign you a professional day trader as a coach to teach you how to trade in a one-on-one setting. Most traders make a lot of mistakes their first year of day trading, but with a day trading coach to teach and mentor you, you can bypass many of those mistakes which reduce the risk.
Second, we give you access to our trading software that helps you to interact with the markets.
This is a big commitment for both of us. In order to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties, we don’t just jump in.
We have a 30-day trial program that allows you to test us out, while we see if you’re a good fit to day trade our money. It’s important that you get to “kick the tires” and try us out before ever deciding if you want to move forward. We also get to see how committed you are to learning how to day trade our money. This process is a win-win! (T&C)

Our other services

Depending on your interest, please register on the relevant Cerberus page. After successful registration, all Cerberus websites can be accessed.

1. If you are interested in trading education, please go to the Cerberus Academy website.

2. For financial trading enthusiasts who are interested in learning and social investing, in a private club, please go to The Matrix Club website.

3. For Legal Service about Asset protection, Trust incorporation and Trustee services, please go to the Cerberus website.

4. For institutional investors, Hedge funds, professional investors and anyone interested to become a Cerberus shareholder, please register on this page CERBERUS BUSINESS.
Our trading courses are solely built on a framework of proficiency and values whilst constantly being refined based on consultations with Cerberus’ professional Community of elite traders. Our programs are delivered by our professional traders from our Community!

Designed in a collaborative style and manner, our courses receive inputs by our professional community of traders located across the globe. We provide an environment where our new traders directly observe the experienced traders via our various knowledge technologies, and model the behaviour of the more senior professional traders. The trading development is not learned through general learning prototypes (such as classroom and study) but through very specific observation and modelling. This unique approach ensures our trainee traders are fully immersed into the most cutting edge and relevant training regarding strategies, approach and development techniques that keep our traders at the peak of their performance. To be a great trader you need to be trained by great trainers and mentors who are themselves profitable traders.
Create, prepare and secure for the future is our mission.

The Matrix Club is an invitation-only club for financial trading enthusiasts. Together we learn the principles of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, financial mathematics, money management, psychology and everything that has to do with the world of trading. So, we are a group of people who meet for the purpose of financial education. 

Long story short, together we learn how to earn more money.

The Club is committed to educating its members about the world of finance so that they can take advantage of the market, develop investment strategies and be proactive in the business. We monitor and evaluate global events that could impact different markets and develop investment strategies based on these findings.

Furthermore, we have a closed-end mutual fund that we trade. Each member participates in this fund with a small cash deposit that has no impact on their economic life and must not be detrimental. In our club, pieces of information are shared by via a private Telegram channel and by a Facebook group.

Club members have a discounted price for Academy courses and Financial coaching.

Asset protection is a set of strategies and legal tools used for protecting your assets from lawsuits and claims of creditors or in case of family difficulties.
How does it work?

We begin the assessment with an interview, where a professional will review your assets, risks and financial goals.

The process will typically include the establishment of structures, such as trusts and companies to create legal barriers between creditors and you, as the debtor.

The strategies often use a combination of business and legal planning tools.

A properly established plan performs three primary functions:

  1. Lawsuit deterrence (No one will open a civil case if there is no hope to recover something)

  2. Settlement negotiation leverage (your mediation will be more equilibrate)

  3. Placing your assets out of the reach of a legal opponent.

We suggest engaging in asset protection planning prior to a problem. Every situation is different, so we encourage you to call us and speak to an experienced professional attorney.

The information provided under this section is reserved for professional investors: Cerberus Business is the department dealing with Institutional investors, Hedge funds, Professional investors and anyone interested to become a Cerberus shareholder. Who is a Professional Investor?

For a person, as a minimum, two of the following criteria should be satisfied:

    • the client has carried out transactions, in significant size, on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters;

    • the size of the client’s financial instrument portfolio, defined as including cash deposits and financial instruments exceeds EUR 500,000;

    • the client works or has worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position, which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged.

For a company, 
any entity which is required to be authorised or regulated to operate in the financial markets
    • Large undertakings meeting two of the following size requirements on a company basis:

a. balance sheet total: EUR 20 000 000
b. net turnover: EUR 40 000 000
c. own funds: EUR 2 000 000
    • Public Companies

    • Other institutional investors whose main activity is to invest in financial instruments.